February 17, 2019 12:13

Mobile And Usability Update

Mobile Support Added

In order to give mobile users a better experience, we have finally added full mobile device support. So you are now able to use your favorite website on your phone as well. Yeah!

Menu Redesign

We redesigned the footer menu and also added a main menu at the top. So you can quickly navigate to the landing page, the servers and the server search. The server search is now on a separate page. The quick filters from the top right got moved next to the server listing, to have a cleaner and nested look.

Connect To Server

Connecting to servers could be a pain. Therefor the "steam connect" by clicking on the title got removed. You now have a Connect Button on the details page of every rust server. Clicking on this will open a popup giving you 3 options to connect. The already present steam connection, as well as the console command and the title ready to copy to connect from within the game.


The overall website performance was improved by reducing unused code, using newer techniques, restructuring things and so on.

Other Stuff

There also happened a lot of others thing, visible and not visible. We also added a new ad format (1050x150 Pixel) to have a nice integration in the site, to don't disturb as much.

If you stumble upon any layout bugs, performance issues or whatever, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter or mail.